Willhemsen-Smith Bell (Subic), Inc.

Smith Bell first became involved in the shipping business in the mid 1800s.   As one of the first shipping agencies in the Philippines, Smith Bell initially represented a number of British steamship companies.  Subsequently, it managed four inter-island steamers, as well as a fleet of launches and lighters and several international shipping companies. In 1986, a joint venture company was formed with Dodwell & Company, called Smith Bell-Dodwell Shipping Co, Inc.  After several years, both companies mutually decided to pursue separate paths. In 1991, Smith Bell created a wholly owned subsidiary, Smith Bell Shipping, Inc. to exclusively serve their principals and clientele.

In February 1994, upon the departure of the U.S. Forces and the  opening of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone to private companies to establish offices there, Smith Bell seeing the vast opportunity of Subic Bay becoming a shipping hub in Asia, set up a wholly owned company named, Smith Bell Subic, Inc. Then in 1994, Barwil Agencies AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wihl. Wilhelmsen ASA, a publicly traded company in Norway, was wanting to set up operations in the Philippines.   Discussions were initiated with Smith Bell, more particularly in setting up an operation in Subic. In  August 1995,  Barwil decided to buy 50% of Smith Bell Subic, Inc., thereby becoming equal partners.  The company was renamed to Barwil-Smith Bell (Subic), Inc.

Then in December 2003, Barwil Agencies AS further decided to buy 40% of the outstanding stock of Smith Bell Shipping, Inc., thereby actively participating in all the agency services throughout the Philippines.  On January 01, 2004, Smith Bell Shipping, Inc. was renamed Barwil-Smith Bell Shipping, Inc. In June 2008, in line with the global branding drive of Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA, both Barwil-Smith Bell (Subic), Inc. and Barwil-Smith Bell Shipping, Inc. were renamed to Wilhelmsen-Smith Bell (Subic), Inc. and Wilhelmsen-Smith Bell Shipping, Inc.

Today, Wilhelmsen-Smith Bell (WSB) represents numerous foreign shipping principals, both as owners and as charterer’s agents, servicing a wide variety of ships, ranging from car carriers, to container vessels, to reefers, to bulk carriers, to gas carriers and petroleum tankers.  WSB also services numerous local companies requiring shipping services for their export/import cargoes/products. WSB also offers freight forwarding, customs brokering, specialized cargo handling and chartering services. WSB’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy agent is exemplified in its many years in the business, and is acknowledged as the leading shipping agency in the Philippines.

With WSB’s experience, expertise, market knowledge and business connections, together with a highly dedicated and efficient work force, is confident in meeting the many challenges in the shipping industry. WSB continuously strives to improve its service in order to ensure the satisfaction of its clientele.