Smith Bell Insurance Agency, Inc.

SMITH BELL’s involvement in insurance dates as far back as 1863, when two years after Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd. was founded, Smith Bell was appointed as its general agent in the Philippines. In 1877, Smith Bell became Lloyd’s Agents and subsequently, general agents for several pretigious insurance companies – The South British Insurance Company (1866), Allied Assurance (1889), Guardian Royal Exchange (Union Insurance Society of Canton, Ltd. – 1915), and a few years later, the Insurance Company of North America. Since then, the insurance expertise of Smith Bell has been continually enhanced.

To better serve the needs of its clients, Smith Bell formed a separate company to act as independent insurance brokers. Thus, in May 1979, Smith Bell Insurance Brokers, Inc. was incorporated, bringing with it the wealth of experience of Smith Bell’s Insurance Department. In June 2011, the name of Smith Bell Insurance Brokers, Inc. was changed to Smith Bell Insurance Agency , Inc. (SBIAI).

The primary objectives of SBIAI are two-fold: first, to evaluate and secure on behalf of its clients, the best available life and non-life insurance covers at the lowest possible cost. Second, to offer consultation and loss prevention and control services in order to safeguard and preserve the financial well-being and business standing of its clients

SBIAI also offers additional services free of costs to its clients, such as:

Periodic review of clients’ insurance covers, with corresponding recommendation as to whether the insurance protection is adequate with regard to sums insured and extent of insurance cover, and whether any changes in property or in risk indicates the advisability to revise insurance or to embark into a self-insurance scheme.

Assists its clients in claims negotiations when a fortuitous loss arises and sees to it that its client’s interests are safeguarded and claims are processed equitably and expeditiously.

Being in the insurance business for over 100 years, Smith Bell has always retained the trust and confidence of its clients in serving their insurance needs. Hence, the company commits to uphold its objectives as a responsible professional insurance agent.