Smith Bell Mini-Hydro Corporation

A GLOBAL WARMING TREND caused by accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere truly threatens almost every aspect of human life. An effort to mitigate the trend, we must consider diversification from dependence on traditional fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, to alternatives like renewable and environment-friendly energy technologies that can support a sustainable development. Thus, SMITH BELL RENEWABLE ENERGY SERVICES CORPORATION (SB-RESCO) was incorporated on July 14, 1999 to respond to this pressing need.

The primary purpose of SB-RESCO is to engage in, conduct and carry on the business of development, utilization and commercialization of indigenous, renewable and environment-friendly technologies such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. SB believes that using renewable resources is a responsible approach to providing energy to Filipinos in harmony with environment preservation. The use of renewable energy has profound benefits and consequences that would enhance global economy without detriment to the environment all for the benefit of future generations.

Involvement in energy projects is not new to SMITH BELL. Not unknown to many, Smith Bell was the first company to undertake oil drilling in the Philippines in 1896. The establishment of SB-RESCO therefore, marks the full-cycle return of SMITH BELL in the energy sector.