Lloyd’s Agency

SMITH BELL marked an important event in its corporate history on the 19th of December, 1877 when it was appointed Lloyd’s Agent for Zebu (now Cebu). Over the years, Smith Bell was appointed agents for other Philippine Ports and continues to enjoy the privilege of being the sole Philippine Agent. Today, Smith Bell prides itself as one of the some 300 Lloyd’s Agents throughout the world.

Over the past 100 years, Smith Bell has gained expertise and experience and credibility for their work on Maritime Surveys including Cargo and Hull & Machinery among others.

SMITH BELL – LLOYD’S AGENCY  renders the following services to its principals:


Acts on behalf of foreign and local insurance companies / underwriters / brokers, foreign and local importers / exporters and foreign surveyors and adjusters in carrying out surveys / duties as follows:

  • Damage Cargo Insurance Survey
  • Devaning / Inventory Survey
  • Stuffing and Turn Over Survey
  • Pre-shipment Survey
  • Letter of Credit Survey
  • Warranty Survey (Loading and/or Discharging)
  • Cargo Discharge Survey
  • Superintendence Survey
  • Surveillance Survey
  • Container Survey
  • Plant & Premises Survey
  • Pre-Risk Survey
  • Investigation Survey
  • Warehouse Survey
  • Quality Survey
  • Quantity Survey
  • OBQ/ROB Survey
  • Bunker Survey
  • Liquid Bulk Survey
  • Dry Bulk Survey
  • Stripping & Turn Over Survey
  • Export Survey
  • Vessel’s Hatch Survey
  • Stowage Survey
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Household Goods & Personal Effects Survey
  • Initial/Final Draft Displacement Survey
  • Stock Audits and Inventories
  • Loading/Discharging Superintendence Survey
  • Ship to shore quantity measurement surveys of crude oil/ petroleum/ petrochemicals products (importation and exportation shipments)


Acts as Claims Settling and Recovery Agents for Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London and for various insurance companies throughout the world.


Acts on behalf of underwriters / foreign insurance companies throughout the world, local underwriters, ship owners and P & I Clubs, in carrying out surveys/duties as follows:

  • Damage Survey
  • Machinery Survey
  • Investigation Survey
  • Towage Approval Survey
  • Stowage, lashing and Securing Survey
  • On Hire/Off Hire Survey
  • Heavy Lift, Oversize and Project Cargo Survey
  • Condition Valuation Survey
  • Container Fastening Survey
  • Suitability Survey (to carry certain cargo)
  • P & I Survey
  • Loss of Hire Survey
  • Port Risk Survey
  • Industrial Survey
  • Superintendence Survey (Ship Building/Ship Repair)
  • Consultancy


Provides intelligence work on marine, aviation and other matters related to insurance for Lloyd’s of London and other principals/clients abroad.

Reports major marine/aviation casualties and other matters related to insurance such as fire, insurance fraud, etc..

Furnishes information and developments on sea and airports and government legislative bills related to insurance.

Conducts investigation for foreign underwriters on Travelers Insurance Claims and Cargo / Hull losses.


The purpose of this survey is to assist underwriters to take a view on the acceptability of the risk, consider the level of rating and type of structure involved.